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Mr. Michael Scarmack, , AIA

Photo of Mr. Michael Scarmack, AIA
Architect Scarmack Architecture |:-)★ Near Net 0 e ℠ Structures ★ Work 800 Valley View Drive NW Lancaster OH 43130 United States Cell Phone: 01 740 503 3004 Work Phone: 01 740 653 4919 Work Fax: 01 740 653 3757 Certification: February 23, 1990 Website: Blog: Zoetic Space Skype: mcas_8

Scarmack Architecture  |:-) has particular emphasis on restorative environmental design.

Although Scarmack’s experiences in the field of architecture began with an emphasis on environmental design, he has been observed over the decades a lack of serious needed interest of environmental elements, by many in contemporary design.

Thus along with others, SA is a proponent of the attributes of biophilic design and their useful incorporation and impact on great design.

ArchiCAD Teamwork is a great tool assisting restorative environmental design.

Join us designing nearly net zero energy consumption in our  building environment.