Training Webinar – April 2018 – Tracy Stone

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"Optimized Multi-Unit Project Workflow"

In April 2018, I interviewed award-winning Los Angeles architect Tracy Stone, whose firm emphasizes sustainable design in a modernist context. Their 4 person office has used ARCHICAD for close to 20 years, and been featured several times by Graphisoft for their innovative applications of the program in both architecture and interior design contexts.

Tracy also teaches at several Los Angeles architectural programs, and shares her work periodically at ARCHICAD user group meetings.

The firm has developed an efficient working methodology that we explored during the April training webinar.

BONUS - Silver  and Gold Level Members Only: Tracy shares with us a BIMx model of the project shown in the webinar - a rare chance to download and study the stunning work of an ARCHICAD Master!


One of the challenging workflows Tracy Stone has tested and optimized relates to multi-unit designs on sloping sites.

She showed us how they have worked out a method for placing hotlinked modules on negative stories within the same project, allowing them greater speed and simplified management as the design progresses.

We also looked at her office standard template, and opened up some of the wide range of projects that she is known for.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the ArchiCAD Summit. I look forward to going through the content again as well as the upcoming full courses. I think you have created another winner for the ArchiCAD global community. - David Shanks, USA

First thank you for organizing this mesmerizing summit. I have not finished yet to watch all but I am sure I have already filled my idea basket for a while! - Til Breton, France

I am just super keen to get to see the sessions that I had to miss and get the shared files etc. This Summit you put together offered so much to learn already. I can not wait to sink my teeth into it – excellent content. - Francois Swanepoel, South Africa

I want to congratulate you for managing such an event, I think for long it was a missing live forum or interaction between ArchiCAD users around the world. Thanks. We already spread the word around. - Mohsen Far, Spain

yep.. thx.. yesterday was AWESOME!
Good stuff. - Torin Knorr, USA