Training Webinar – February 2018 – Andrew Passacantando

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Case Study:
Historic Remodel of an 1870's Era Victorian
Architect Andrew Passacantando
February 2018 Training Webinar

Andrew Passacantando AIA

In the February 13 ARCHICAD USER monthly training webinar, I interviewed New Jersey architect Andrew Passacantando about the fascinating story of his remodel of an 1870's Victorian home.

The 5800 square foot building was owned by a developer as part of a large parcel. Since it was on the historic registry, the town required that the remodel be done consistent with the historic style, while adding a two car garage and modernizing the interior with a new kitchen and other amenities.

The project started as a spec house that would be sold after the remodel was completed, however a local family saw the work in progress and purchased the property, so it became a custom home designed to meet their needs. While the front facade was retained, the interior layout was reworked and the rear of the property was allowed to be substantially augmented.

Detailed interior renderings allowed the new owners to visualize various options such as different moulding styles and make design decisions more easily. BIMx Pro has been extensively used by the contractor to manage construction on site, comparing 3D views with the actual work in progress. Approval by the historic board was more easily achieved by presenting the before and after images and walkthroughs of the ARCHICAD model.

Andrew's beautiful restoration and extension are an eye-opener for anyone involved in historic preservation or remodels of older, more ornate buildings. As a one-person firm, Andrew has evolved a highly efficient working methodology. In this webinar, I asked him to reveal the shortcuts he's developed that help him to meet deadlines, remain profitable and stay sane...

IMAGES: (Top Two Rows) Existing (on left) vs. Expanded New Design with Garage
(Lower Section) Living Room perspective, Post Top and Post Base


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Recording of Webinar with UK Architect Tim Ball
"Pushing ARCHICAD's Limits While Maintaining Profitability"

In the inaugural session January 16th, leading UK Architect Timothy Ball RIBA shared his latest work on an ambitious mid-size institutional project (a "care home" modeled with exquisite detail along with integrated BIM data) as he proves out his innovative methodologies on a larger scale.

Ball is well-known for his pioneering work with superbly detailed 3D models that push the limits of ARCHICAD while maintaining a highly efficient and profitable practice.

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yep.. thx.. yesterday was AWESOME!
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