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gil koscher

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Architecte AMJ-PARIS

0671508072 Carlos Madero

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BIM Manager Vivialys GroupCommittee Implementation BIM Home 1 bis rue Pegase Entzheim Alsacz 67960 FRANCE Work Phone: +33 671 50 80 72

Tatiana Rocha

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Home BAYONNE 64100 France

I was born in Brazil where i lived (and worked) til I was 24 years old, when I took a trip to NYC. I got a job at a well known firm, Beyer Blinder Belle, in town; I’ve stayed three and a half years when I decided to move to Europe. Life took me to the South West of France, the Basque Country to be more specific, where I’ve been living since. I got my license and this year, I decided to take my chances and start my own business.


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Architect FLORENCE GARDENAL Architecte Home 226 rue de l’Ecossais Limas Rhône 69400 France Work Phone: +33 4 74 66 93 52 Website: FLORENCE GARDENAL Architecte