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Our work includes brownstone exterior and brownstone interior renovations, pre and postwar apartment renovations, loft renovations, rooftop additions, historic restorations and new condominium developments.

Our focus is creating comfortable well designed and well detailed homes - whatever type they may be.

In all our projects we work closely with our clients to learn how they live, how they work and what brings joy to their lives then incorporate that into the renovation of their home. From the mutual discovery of what design style most suits their tastes and the spirit of the space it is being built in, to how to best organize closets and kitchens, to the technical aspects of how to make the home comfortable and efficient, we craft each project to the individual client.

While not exclusively a “brownstone architect”, we do consider ourselves brownstone specialists. Of all the types of residential renovations in New York, a brownstone renovation is the most complex and challenging. Our firm has completed a number of these projects with budgets ranging from the modest to multi-million dollar. Regardless of the budget all these types of projects require a special set of skills our firm has honed in the more than 25 years it has been in business, and in the more than 32 years the principal has been in the profession.

Joseph Vance Architects is a full service architectural firm located in Brooklyn NY.

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