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Well designed homes are the built form of people & their desire to have relevant place, for family, work & pleasure. To hear the unique story that is read when moving through a crafted space, the ability to make an every day task seem relaxing & enjoyable - that is the true composition of beautiful design.

Too often the worth of a building is valued using purely visual means. Decisions made this way can be overly influenced by such things as fashion, personal self-esteem & social acceptance. But it is the human felt experience while using these spaces that truly speaks its success & worth. This essence of a building's place, worth and belonging can be established with the use of such mediums as:

  • Simplicity of lines
  • Protection
  • Articulation of colour
  • The inclusion of movement
  • A balanced mixture of materials
  • Warmth

Thus providing opportunities for enjoyed actions and fruitful reactions.

It is also the responsibility of the designer to constantly educate & inform the client of the design and build process because good communication will greatly increase the likelihood of producing a beautiful building - an art form for all people to enjoy & appreciate.

The environment you live & work in not only has an amazing effect on your physical health, but it also mentally shapes who you are and who you may become. What is a building if it raises nothing of enjoyment or inspiration from the individuals who utilize it? As a designer I want to generate creative & positively reactive spaces for people to be in - where you feel enjoyment & are inspired by what the building gives back to you.

Beautiful design is not the latest forms & colours that are offered to us through glossy journals, it is the constructional form of people & the way they live.

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