Recently I posted an ARCHICAD Jobs Survey on my personal website.

Responses poured in quickly: it's hard for ARCHICAD users and firms to connect. Some people indicated this was so much of an issue that they may be forced to learn or implement another BIM system, which would be a sad thing to see.

This page is a quick, first effort at setting up an ARCHICAD Jobs Board.

I'm simply going to post what people shared in their survey response, including contact information, and allow people to contact each other. Later, there may be more features that allow reviews and additional tools to facilitate project management and time tracking.

ARCHICAD Jobs Offered

Cynthia Bennett (South Pasadena [Los Angeles area] CA, USA) – Part-Time (In-Office/Home)

Tom Palmer (Vancouver BC, Canada) – Full-Time (In-Office/Home)

Calina Baiceanu-Hendea (Zalau, Salaj, Romania) – Full-Time (In-Office)

Mike Kraounakis (Athens, Paleo Faliro, Greece) – Full-Time (In-Office)

Seeking ARCHICAD Work

John Koutitsas (Athens, Greece) – Contract / Short Term / Consulting or Training

Patricia Herden (Fpolis SC, Brazil) –  Hourly Consulting or Training

Michael Buchbach (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) –  Part-Time, Contract / Short Term, Hourly Consulting or Training