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Graphisoft Renders ArchiCAD 18

UpFront eZine reviews the new features in ArchiCAD 18 that impress editor Ralph Grabowski, particularly BCF (BIM Coordination Format), a new way to pass comments and redlines between applications, bi-directionally…”better than Autodesk’s because BCF works between programs from different vendors…”

Structural Engineers using ArchiCAD

Riverstone Structural Concepts use ArchiCAD to do some awesome drawings. They are using 3D Documents derived from fully modeled junctions to show all (or at least most) of their details. They work closely with Architects using ArchiCAD’s Teamwork process to share and integrate their models.

Make Mine Cherry Flavor with Extra ArchiCAD

John Black of Lapis Design Partners has admitted to drinking the ArchiCAD Kool-Aid – and this is his story. As with many users we’€™ve interviewed here on the blog, when he started using ArchiCAD, he had two weeks to get up to speed enough to create a design and presentation…and he never looked back.

Gabor Bojar about GRAPHISOFT

ArchiCAD turned 30 years old in 2014. Gabor Bojar, the founder of GRAPHISOFT tells the beginning of our story. “For every technology company the largest challenge is to access to talents, to get the best people. That is the secret of the success…”

More Productive After Making the Switch

Software transition stories happen all the time, whether we hear about them or not. In learning about the story of an architectural firm switching from one software to another, the reader needs to fully understand the why. One story worth checking out is that of the firm SYLLA INTERNATIONAL.

Case Study > BIG BIM for the conceptual architect

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group – is a large, international, conceptual architectural firm based in Copenhagen and New York. BIG has decided to replace Revit with ArchiCAD for the Copenhagen office’s new projects, since it sees ArchiCAD as the more flexible BIM tool that will allow it to gain the most benefits from BIM.

Press Q&A at Giant Japanese Firm Using ArchiCAD

Graphisoft took CAD journalists to Tokyo’s Nikken Sekkei, a firm with 1,200 architects that has standardized on ArchiCAD as their main design software. Last year, Nikken began partnering with Graphisoft to make ArchiCAD better, so some of the new functions are the result of this practical advice.

Are you ready for ArchiCAD 18?

Are you excited about ArchiCAD 18? I sure am. While we wait for June 2014 and the official roll out, it’s worth looking at the big picture of what this release signifies. [Another thoughtful article by Jared Banks.]